once you're done with your candle, give it a second life! makes the perfect flower or makeup brushes vase!

with so many personalization options, it’s often overwhelming to decide which candle to put where, which fragrance to choose, and how to style it all. after a few years, I guess you can call me an expert. let’s walk through your home and tackle these decisions room by room!

a. Let’s start with the foyer. The perfect “welcome home” is a TAJA diffuser or aCustom Vasefilled with fresh (or faux) flowers. theCASA design is classic, theHome Sweet Home candleis inviting, and theEvil Eye vaseis perfect to get rid of any negativity. pair all three on together on your console table on top of a couple of coffee table books (Assouline is my fave).

b. On to the bedroom. Of course, In The Mood is the scent of choice and depending on the style of the room, I would go with aSuper Vertical Stripes candlewith a mantra or inspiring quote on the outside lid (i.e. “Today is going to be a good day” and “You are enough”).

c. Next up: the bathroom. For scent, I like Royal Ruby and Gilded Champagne with the Le Palm designor in theAnnabelle print. the midi size usually fits perfectly, and don’t forget to pair it with one of ourcustom castile soaps!

d. living room – I love Hampton House and Bergamot + Cashmere. Both are fresh, subtle, but strong enough to fill the room, these scents are perfect for your living space. I love theClassic Monogram candleand theFamily Names candle. go Jumbo and impress your friends, add somefancy matchesand you’re set!

e. if you have any outdoor space, I always recommend Bugger Off (especially if you’re in Miami like me) to keeps mosquitoes away. I love theJungle Palm Candle in white or the Good Vibes Only cutie gift setin black. I also love asmudge kitfor outside because Palo Santo is a great natural mosquito repellant! of course, these are my recommendations but everyone has their own style and fragrance preferences so go with your gut! and if ever in doubt, you can add ourDesign Concierge and get one-on-one help. happy shopping :)