be the best gift-giver.

it's here: the candle you dreamed of with clean ingredients - yes, you can engrave anything from a logo, a photo or your favorite quote.

all engravings are included in the price! you can engrave any of the 4 sides of the candle as well as the top + inside lid.

need a little help in the design department? check out our editor's pick below. still facing designer's block? check our design concierge service here.

instructions for our customizer: in order to skip to the next line when typing, please type "\n". you can skip more than just one line. to zoom in or out in mobile, pinch inwards or outwards. to zoom in or out in desktop, use the scroll wheel. if you would like to give us instructional notes, type them in brackets. "[ example ]"  no changes can be made once the candle has been added to the cart. candle sizes: Jumbo: 5.8in x 5.8in | Super: 4.8in x 4.8in | Midi: 3.2in x 3.2in | Cutie: 2.4in x 2.4in


editor's pick. size: jumbo | color: white | fragrance: in the mood | design: tropical shadows, vertical stripes or pattern of choice on 4 sides of the candle - outside lid: casa "last name" - inside lid: heartfelt message.

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