at a loss for words? try one of these for the personalized lid message:

it is often a challenge to find the right words to express sympathy. each person grieves differently, making it difficult to compose the perfect note and/or send a little something to express your condolences. a TAJA candle can be the perfect gesture to brighten the day.

the most important thing is to ensure the recipient knows you care and you’re there for them during the difficult time. our products do just that, and we’ve tried our best to make it easy for you. in fact, it wasn’t until a TAJA customer used the candles for the service that we realized how thoughtful it could be. over time, we have seen the candles used during funeral services, as sympathy gifts to the home and as commemorative gifts on the anniversary.

“please accept my sincerest condolences.”
“I am truly sorry to hear of your loss.”
“I'm praying for you.”
“sending love.”
“keeping you and your family in my prayers.”
“thinking of you during this difficult and sad time.”
“love and sympathies to you and your family.”
“my heartfelt condolences.”

with our customer's permission, we share this special message she wrote on the top lid of her sympathy candle:
"their light remains,
there are some who brings light so great to the world,
even after they have gone, their light remains."

remember that it’s the thought that counts. even if you feel like you cannot fully express your sentiments, short, sweet and simple goes a long way. 
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