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Article: TAJA 101

TAJA 101

TAJA 101


we decided to launch the TAJA blog as a place to answer your questions, keep you in the know and inspire thoughtful gifting. we will showcase our team’s favorites, best sellers, new products and special events. this will be a space where we add meaningful content that will help you choose the perfect gift and become the best gift-giver...

are you ready? we are! please let us know what you want to read! as always, if you have any questions, please message/call us! we really want to hear from you, so drop a comment, or if you’re shy, send us an email ;)�?


when you first hear you can customize your own candle, is that type of thing you think: “really? You can write anything?” it seems like a cool idea rather than a concept or a brand. well, here we are… you can not only write anything, you can design anything you want! while all of that is cool – and may I say revolutionary? – that is only half the reason why we’re so special.

we use100% soy wax and clean fragrances. why is this so important? let me break it down:

- soy wax: our wax is made from soybeans, not from petroleum (yes- if you’re buying a candle that doesn’t specify it is made from soy wax, it is more likely made from paraffin, and I’ll let you google that one). you know that rule, don’t put anything on your body you wouldn’t eat? that should also apply to try to not breathe in anything you wouldn’t eat! besides the obvious health reasons of why soy wax is better, it also produces less soot (so don’t worry if you’re burning your candle next to a white wall).


- clean fragrances: all of our fragrances are free of: phthalates, parabens and synthetic dyes. these chemicals are terrible for our body, and can leave long lasting effects on your hormones and organs. I didn’t say it, my allergist did. in addition to this, TAJA’s commitment to clean fragrances is growing with the brand. we’re so proud to have launched during summer 2021 our first ever essential oil. Limoni Di Capri, is derived 100% from the peel of the lemon fruit. Limoni Di Capri is just the beginning of a new chapter. if you haven’t tried it yet, I urge you to do so. you can pretend you’re in Capri drinking limoncello.


with that being said, we hand-pour all of our candles in our HQ in Wynwood (Miami, FL) as well as engrave, pack and ship them. yes, we do it all, with lots of love, because we love making you happy! I know now you’re curious who are these wonderful TAJA workers, so stay tuned for our next in 2 weeks and we’ll introduce the entire team =) I’m not done just yet… keep scrolling for more!


Greatest gifts to get and give. So personal and functional!!


I love my Taja candles and they are my favorite gift to give.

Lauri Brooke

Sooo excited for this blog!!

Barbie Thal Potts

I received your Family Candle as a thank you gift and now you’re my favorite go-to gift for nearly every occasion. Most everyone on my holiday gift list this year will be receiving the gift of Taja! 💖

Trisha Feldman

I’d love to read the story behind how Taja was created. How was Taja born and how was its name chosen? 🕯💘

Laurie Brickman

TAJA is my absolute favorite gift to give! So excited you started a blog!

Alexandra Schueler

The best candles! So cool to learn more! 🥰🌟💗

Kat Maidagan

Aw I missed being one of the first 5 but still wanted to say the candles are really gorgeous & they make such an amazing gift!!
I love them!!

Suzanne Okun

I love the new blog and I love Taja! I hope to read all your ideas and get inspired with you.

Carla Alvarado

Love these candles!! Would love to know how you guys came up with some of the scents!! They are amazing!!


Love my TAJA candles and how they can be upcycled and reused for storage :)


love it!


I LOVE THIS! It looks so good! Great content for sure!! Keep it up!

Brittani Boyer

Great content! 🤩

Annabelle DeGrazio

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