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welcome back, TAJA tribe!

we’re so grateful you loved our last blog and sent us so many recommendations for what you wanted to see next! let’s get right to it: as you know, we’re all about the second life cycle. life is too short to throw away any product after one use! today we welcome our first (and special) guest, from a female founded, local small business: Sofia fromCASAFLOR. she’s going to recommend which flowers and which combinations will look best based on the TAJA vase you’re using.

450 hours later, your jumbo candle is empty… now what? don’t throw it out! repurpose it.
we show 4 simple steps to get your vase recycle ready! if you lost the insert that comes with your candle with instructions on how to repurpose -- not to worry, just save the instagram post above or come back here! xo

check out the Q&A with Sofia below

TAJA: Sofia, tell us a little bit about you... what made you get started in the flower business
Sofia: I got into the floral business by chance. it started out as a personal interest and then I just didn't see a company that was doing what I had in mind when it came to flowers, so CASAFLOR was born. little by little we've grown and now we work with brands like TAJA, Cartier, Amazon, and more!

T: how was it for you starting your own business?
S: it was a lot of fun and a lot of work, and it still is. I've had a lot of help along the way and support from other women-owned businesses like TAJA. it's been an incredible experience so far, I can't wait to see what the future holds!

T: Sofia, which flowers do you recommend for a jumbo?
S: hydrangeas! the bigger, the better. my favorites are green antique hydrangeas because of their beautiful pink-ish tones on top of the green, and they're super long-lasting. we use these for our best seller - the romantic bouquet. you can create a sculptural design with these, or add in some lisianthus for a different touch.

T: what about for a super?
S: TAJA vases are so modern and beautiful that I'd stick with a classic all rose arrangement here. for a CASAFLOR touch use fun colors like amnesia or purple haze or garden roses for something more romantic.

T: and a midi?
S: 1 antique green hydrangea with some pink spray roses and some billy balls

T: and a cutie?
S: I'd make a cute dried arrangement here that you can keep forever! I keep one on my desk. you can use bunny tails, mini pampas, and other kinds of dried florals that are easy to source nowadays. look up fun color palettes or check out our instagram @casaflormiami for some floral inspiration.

T: any trends you expect for this holiday season?
S: post-covid, I think people are going to be investing much more in their home decor than they have before. apart from higher demand in fresh pine and other classic Christmas flowers like poinsettias, expect dried floral wreaths in unexpected colors, like pink and yellow.

T: dried flowers vs. fresh flowers?
my favorite arrangements are usually a mix of both, they both add completely different textures. definitely expecting innovations in dried florals - new flowers being preserved, more colors, etc.