Hosting events

Hosting Events

I love love love hosting! We've started a tradition in our home recently hosting Shabbat dinners (Friday night). Nothing too fancy, just yummy food, great company and fun conversation. While the menu changes, there are some (completely custom) details that never do! 

I love a beautiful table, I truly believe it makes the food taste better :). Candles and flowers are a must - of course I use my repurposed TAJA jars because #sustainable. I'm currently obsessing over the ombre candles as flower vases.

I usually host dinner or brunch on my dining table on my balcony because the view is spectacular and fresh air is golden. I love candlelit meals, so I usually light a few cuties around the table. Since it's summertime in Miami, I choose "Bugger Off" because I'm very allergic to mosquitoes. Lately, I have been switching it up with "Fresh Eucalyptus" because the eucalyptus essential oil repels mosquitos too! I keep a side of Fancy Matches in the Annabelle pattern in case the winds blows out the candle... you can never be too prepared! 

For the guest bathroom, I have a black midi Casa candle in "Pass the Paloma" - it's my summer scent: fresh and fruity, but not too sweet! 

Guests notice the lemon in the water, the candle lit in the bathroom, and every touch that goes into the perfect evening. I generally serve food family style, I like to keep it casual. I love using our cylinder jars to put forks/knives/spoons, and even napkins. If I have some advance notice, I like to add the Event Guest candle as placecards and keepsakes because who doesn't love to go home with a present?!
Check out some reels on how I dress my tables!
Happy summer + bon appetit!


inspiring so many ideas for me!!

Joedi July 14, 2022

So fun to hear about the faces behind the brilliant brand. Keep it coming!

Sydney July 14, 2022

This is so beautiful and fab ideas here. I can’t wait to incorporate Taja in my next hosting event!

Leila July 14, 2022

Love the table scape, the view, and definitely the Taja scent!

JT July 14, 2022

Gorgeous! Taja candles always set the right mood!

AFM July 14, 2022

Beautiful!! So helpful

Lindsay Gurry July 14, 2022

Absolutely love this!

Jennifer July 14, 2022

So inspiring!

Lisa DeLarso July 14, 2022

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