All Things Fall

welcome back TAJA tribe, glad you loved our first blog and you’re back for more ;)
holidays are almost here…it may not feel like it yet, but it’s that time! one way to help keep calm and carry on: smudge. “what is smudging?” you ask. smudging involves burning plant material, like sage or palo santo, to energetically cleanse a space to invite positivity.

our smudge kits are extra special, if we do say so ourselves. we have sourced the best quality everything, to enhance your smudging experience. each kit comes with:

  • organic california white sage: cleanses and removes bacteria from air, repels insects, purifies objects, improves mood and reduces stress & anxiety.
  • organic palo santo: releases incredible aromatic scents that repel mosquitos and welcome creativity, love & good fortune into your space.
  • raw selenite: invites inner peace and harmony. clears negative energy, cleanses & charges other crystals and calms nightmares. ideal for meditation and spiritual work.
  • lavender: releases anti-inflammatory properties and aids sleep.
  • agate: enhances creativity and helps ease anxiety. balances energy while harmonizing mind, body and spirit.

you’re probably wondering - how did we go from the best custom candles to smudge kits? Annabelle, TAJA’s CEO, was talking to her best friend Alex when the idea of smudge kits came about.

Annabelle continued to develop the idea of the classic TAJA jar as a container of all-things good vibes. within 4 days (yes, we source everything locally), the smudge kits were live on the site and sold out in a weekend! fast forward to today, we can’t imagine TAJA Collection without smudge kits. 

now… back to seasonal talk! we know a thing or two about thoughtful gifting, so let us help you get your holiday list together… most important thing to remember this year: shop early. why, you ask?

1. because you can. - when you shop from this female-founded, small business, you shop from real, hardworking women! we produce everything in-house, so if you need a quick turnaround, we’ve got rush options (amazon-prime speed)!
2. less stress - holidays are meant to be enjoyed with your loved ones – so don’t waste time stressing about what to buy, we make thoughtful gifting easy!
3. shipping times & costs - we’ve already noticed an increase in shipping times with UPS (our courier of choice) and they’ve told us that it’s only going to get worse… send help!!!
4. inventory - even though we make everything in-house, we rely on our suppliers (from all over the U.S.) for everything from our wax to boxes. for our limited-edition holiday scents, we have a limited quantity… so it’s first come, first serve!
5. enjoy the now - over the past year, we’ve seen how everything can change in the blink of an eye… so, don’t leave anything up to chance and have your goodies ready to go come holiday season! buy TAJA and be the best gift giver!