Who wouldn't want to receive a new super - sized #customcreation every month? 

Also, did we mention this is an incredible deal? Super size candles usually start at $95 + $15 per personalization area, but yearly subscription members receive FREE personalization (on the jar and the lid) ($540 savings) 

More than a subscription, this is really a membership into everything #TAJATRIBE. In addition to your coveted monthly super candle delivery, subscription members will be: the first to access any special sales or promotions, the first to smell our newest scents, the first to see our newest designs, and the first to preview our latest products (wink wink diffusers and new candle sizes). 

When it comes to the details, balls in your court. Want a plain white candle every month? No problem. Want to only receive Tall Dark & Handsome? Done. Want to try out a new fragrance every month? Sure thing. We are all about customization and we want our subscription members to have a truly bespoke experience.

Please use the space below to describe anything and everything (nothing is off limits). Want a hamsa print lid in September and a jar totally covered in snowflakes in December? Done. 

Join the #TajaTribe