meet the TAJA team

left to right: Kourtney, Christina, Ale, Frances, Annabelle and Maria Elisa. missing: Natalie

left to right: Kourtney, Christina, Ale, Frances, Annabelle and Maria Elisa. missing: Natalie

did you think we would forget? a promise is a debt, so no, we would not. meet the most wonderful hardworking team. coming to work everyday is a joy, we’re so lucky! (don’t be jealous, you can join the team -- send us your resume)

below a little bit about each one... if you scroll all the way down, you'll find one of our fun tik toks! ps. don't forget to leave a comment!

Kourtney: Director of Production(joined October 2018), she’s the creative of the team… always bringing to life all of our ideas, and coming up with the most mesmerizing designs & graphics! if you ever ordered a doggy candle, you know she always delivers.
question:- favorite candle rn: the "Kourtney" design on a black jar in our Mistletoe scent, with a heartfelt note on the inside lid. I recently repurposed my 1 year anniversary candle and re-reading the inside lid message was really heartwarming.
- go-to lunch at work: I try to bring lunch from home as often as I can, but when I don't I love getting delivery fromThe Daily!

Christina: Director of Operations(joined may 2021), she’s the patient person of the team… she can stay hours on the phone with you helping you design your dream custom creations…. unless she’s engraving candles for your favorite retailers ;)
question:- favorite candle rn: vertical stripes jumbo in Miami Squeeze or a Nutcracker jumbo in Vanilla Bourbon for my kitchen!
- favorite music: (unpopular opinion) I love country and spanish music... so completely opposite but love both equally!
- go-to lunch at work: I usually bring something I cooked at home...(unless there's an uber eats deal on sushi that's too good to pass up)

Ale: Marketing Associate(joined september 2021), she’s the content creator of the team, comes up with the most elaborate and detailed guides and stories!
question:- favorite candle rn: I am a pattern girl and I want all of them. but currently loving the vertical stripes and the zebra & "Maria Elisa" candle combo.
- favorite music: I love everything and anything I can sing to - reggaeton always elevates the vibes but currently obsessed with Luis Miguel!!!
- go-to lunch at work: anything healthy but my fave at the moment issweetgreen(Maria Elisa’s fault).

Frances: Production Associate(joined march 2021), she’s the perfectionist of the team… she pours all your candles, diffusers and soaps with love and to a T!
question:favorite candle rn: right now, I’m loving the Hello Pumpkin candle. I have one at home with a cute little pumpkin engraved on the lid and pumpkin pie as the fragrance. I love fall and pumpkins! the scent is so warm and sweet. It brings me so much comfort.
- favorite music: I listen to a lot of different music and artists, but some of my favorites are Sabrina Claudio, Jhene Aiko, Ariana Grande, Billie Eilish, Snoh Aalegra, Raveena … the list goes on!
- go-to lunch at work: I almost never have lunch at work. usually I’ll just have a snack. once I start making candles it’s hard for me to stop! but if I do eat lunch, I lovethe daily creative

Annabelle: Co-Founder & CEO(joined day 1 aka july 2017), she's the talker of the team… always down to go grab a coffee and give the best advice… all while seamlessly running TAJA Collection!
question:- favorite candle rn: black jumbo in "The Annabelle" design with a special inside lid message! my favorite non-toxic fragrance at the moment is In The Mood :)
- favorite music: Kaigo radio or latin music... because Miami!
- go-to lunch at work: anything fromPura Vida!

Maria Elisa: Head of Marketing + E-commerce(originally joined november 2018, but then took a break to go back to UM to get my master’s in business analytics… came backSeptember 2020!), I'm the social magnet of the team, except when I have my headphones on - everyone knows it means I’m running data, so everyone tries to stay away from me…
question:- favorite candle rn: the “Maria Elisa” design!!! I love a candle when it has a pattern on all sides of the jar, and then “CASA” on the top lid! my favorite fragrance is In The Mood
- favorite music: one thing about me is I can’t pick!!! depends on my mood, but my top choices are: classical music (love me some piano), Taylor Swift, Bad Bunny (mine and Annabelle’s favorite for work dance parties) and Dance/Electronic!
- go-to lunch at work:sweetgreen!!! plus: love the walk there everyday from work!

Natalie: Director of Fulfillment(joined may 2021), she’s the friendly face of the team… that offers you rose on Saturdays - she also makes sure all your goodies go out safely and on time! her secret (not anymore) job? TAJA’s proofreader!
question:- favorite candle rn: always love a custom candle with the fragrance ‘in the mood’.
- favorite music: a little bit of everything :)
- go-to lunch at work: poke bowl fromcarrot express!

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